Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain are changing the world!

I help people understand the world-changing technology that blockchain and cryptocurrency are and how to invest in it in a way that is fun, safe, rewarding and nurturing.

I’m sure you’ve heard of cryptocurrency. At the very least, Bitcoin… 

But did you know there’s more to crypto than meets the eye?  There’s a lot of hype, excitement, fear and uncertainty around this space. And let’s face it, the concept of crypto and the blockchain take a little time to understand….

But beyond the FUD and FOMO, there’s real change afoot and passionate teams working hard to change the world. This is the world of crypto I’d love to show you!

Who am I? I’m Mariana, the Trading Mama. I’m a new momma, a self-professed tech and investing geek and I’m passionate about showing people how crypto and the blockchain are changing the world and how you can invest in this space intelligently, empowered and in a way that works for you.

Welcome to the crypto journey! So happy you’re here!

Mariana (aka Trading Mama)

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