My mission is to empower women to discover their brilliance with money and achieve greater financial results with trading – in a way that works for them.

You’ve had a crack at trading. 

Perhaps you’re still in the game. Perhaps you’re ready to throw in the towel…

Either way, you’re not seeing the results you’d like.

In fact, it’s been nothing short of confusing and lackluster but at least the excitement of the markets keeps you going…

What if I told you that the secret to being a successful trader is not the perfect setup or making that one trade that’s finally going to make you rich?

What if the secret to being a successful trader is using the gifts and capacities you already have within you?

This does not come from a guru system but from knowing yourself, owning your greatness and being honest about those areas where you require more guidance, more clarity or more information.

Are you ready to take the journey?

I know you can do it!


Here’s to YOU,



(aka Trading Mama)

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