Are you trading for the money?

One look at this question and the answer could immediately be, “duhh, why else would I be trading?” Isn’t the point in trading to make money? Yes. And….

When I first began trading and investing, I did it because I loved the idea that you could invest in innovative ideas and teams *and* make money! How amazing that I can actually put my money behind companies, teams and ideas I truly believe in. Those that are shaping the world, that are giving us more freedom, allowing us to have more fun in life, making things easier, helping the environment, helping us work more efficiently and creatively. All these things I love!

What happens though when your initial love, passion and fuel for something gets intermingled with a need to make money? Have you found yourself fearing you’ll lose money if you make a trade? Afraid to make a move and choose to invest because you *need* to get the trade right or you *need* the investment to go in your favor? Does it give you deer in the headlights? Does it kill your clarity and worse, dampen your joy?

Most people I speak to want to start trading because they want to “make quick money.” The idea that you’ll be a millionaire overnight or have that Ferrari in the garage is tempting enough to tempt a Zen master herself. But…what is truly behind this motive? Is it joyous and fun to apply yourself in this way? Does it light up your heart? Do you have a sense of lightness around this? Or does it breed a “grabby” feeling? A neediness? A panic? A choking? An anxiety? How does your body feel? Notice…

Trading and investing is an endeavor and activity just like anything else. Just like painting or running an ecommerce site or playing tennis. All these activities can make you money. Why trade or invest? Could you do it from a sense of joy? Would you allow it to light up your world like your favorite activity? Often when you look at the most successful traders and investors, they have one thing in common: the love for it. Love which begets dedication, which begets patience, which begets allowance for making mistakes. It’s what keeps you coming back day after day. And guess what? That’s what makes you the money. Coming back day after day because of your love for it. Because of your curiosity for it, your lightness for it. Which is all really to say – a joy for experiencing yourself with the activity of trading.

Have fun out there! Oh wait, don’t have too much fun…;)

– Mariana

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