So word on the street is that some people are scared of cryptocurrency. They don’t understand what it is or how it works.

And let’s face it, the news can paint a crazy picture. Most of what makes the headlines are regulation scares, public figures speaking out for or against it vehemently and the Bitcoin prices shooting up and down like a rollercoaster.
And let’s not forget the rags to riches tales of people making millions!

But…who’s behind these crypto companies?

Have you ever heard gossip about someone, maybe that they’re this way or that way and so you come to conclusion that this person is crazy and you don’t want to go near them? But then you meet them? And they’re just fine? And then you’re like, why did I ever think they were crazy?

Cryptos are real people too!

All this to say, that once we dig beneath the hype of crypto, we find real people there too. People like you and me, that get up in the morning just like you and me, and that are working hard to make their dreams a reality. These teams of people believe they are changing the world and they are.

So, who are these people? Where do we meet them?

Great question!

The first step is their website. This is an important step when you’re putting on your investor hat and getting to know the people you are backing with your vote and dollars.

I made a video showing you step by step how I peek beneath the hood of a crypto company to get to know the people behind the coin.



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