I love how investing enables anyone to take their financial destiny into their own hands. I personally love how powerful it makes me feel to take care of my own finances and to have a keen awareness of what I’m creating. And the best part is, I don’t have to ask permission of anyone!

Education truly is power. And when you apply it to any area of your life with purpose, magnanimous changes can be made.

I love investing because to me, it’s magic money. Money that grows and expands by itself!

I have always been used to hard work = money. But when I invest, it doesn’t seem like hard work. It just seems like fun.

Now, some would say that there is “work” involved when you invest. After all, you have to do at least a little bit of research, you have to plan ahead to some extent and if we’re talking about trading the markets (not just long-term investing), well then, there is a lot to learn and practice.

But somehow, none of this seems like work to me. Because I am aligned with this way of making money. I am aligned with the way investing works. Investing says to me that with education and some wits, there is no limit to what is achievable with money or with life. This I agree with. This, makes my heart sing!

A fixed hourly wage never made sense to me. It seemed so limited. My thinking went like this: I’m already working my ass off and what I’m earning is capped. Now if I want to earn more money, I have to work even harder?! It seemed impossible! It seemed exhausting. It took me many years to realize I didn’t have to work harder, I had to work smarter.

What do you love about investing? How do you see the nature of money, time and work? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you’d like some investing inspiration, here are two books I’ve truly enjoyed during my investing journey. The first, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, fueled my passion for investing in the stock market some six years ago. It opened my eyes as to how smart people handle money and business. It’s a long one but it’s worth a read!

The second, How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market is a recount of 23 yr. old Hungarian dancer Nicolas Darvas’ often reckless passion for the stock market in the 1950s. It reminds me of my many trials and comic failures on my investing and trading journey. If I’ve laughed at it, I’ve done the same!

It’s a quick read and if you’ve ever done any kind of investing or trading, you’ll find it hilarious.

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