We are officially HALFWAY through the Trading Mama 6 Month Crypto School!!! In today’s class, we are taking time to REFLECT on what we’ve learned so far, CELEBRATE all the new knowledge (and life changes!) we’ve gained and PLAN for the future!!

Crypto is a whirlwind of a place and it can take months to decipher its unique language, technicalities and tools. Are you taking the time to reflect, celebrate and plan during your learning journey? I am the first to think this was not important! When I began in crypto years ago, I dove headfirst and didn’t take the time to reflect on where I was going. I had a lot of fun but I did make some money mistakes! As I gain in wisdom, I realize that pausing, reflecting, celebrating and planning are required for me to create a meaningful life that I feel grateful for and am happy with, including learning something new like crypto!

Here are some prompts that can help you reflect, celebrate and plan:

1. REFLECT on where you’ve been and what you’ve learned:

What have you learned so far about crypto? About yourself? What’s working for you that you’d like to keep doing? What is not working for you and what can you be and do different to change it going forward? What areas are fun? What areas are NOT fun?

2. CELEBRATE what you’ve learned and how far you’ve come!!

What do you have gratitude for? What have you learned that you didn’t know before? What are you grateful for about YOU? What capacities have you discovered that you never knew you had? What have you learned about you that you didn’t know before you started learning crypto?

3. PLAN for your future!

What would you like to get out of crypto? Is there an endpoint? How will you know when you’ve reached it?

This reflection is fantastic as often as you’d like it. Weekly, at a halfway point or at the end of an accomplishment!

If you’d like to learn crypto with ease and joy and FUN, my 2-month Crypto Investing Fundamentals begins this Wednesday, April 25th and is live online. Would you like to join in?


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