Learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and how to have fun investing in it!

This is Cryptocurrency 👉 Demystified!

What You’ll Learn over 8 Amazing Weeks


  1. What cryptocurrency and the blockchain are and how they work
  2. The best ways to invest in crypto for profit
  3. All the technical ins and outs to navigate the crypto unvierse with ease!
  4. How to read the markets so you never get taken unawares


Words from Happy Students!

“Mariana has opened doors for me recently…doors and windows and new spaces that I had only previously sensed were there but they were closed due to a total wipeout of question. I ‘thought’ crypto was only for geeks and techies but sometime late last year I was aware of whispers everywhere – nothing cognitive, just curiosity and a lively kind of wondering about bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, new technologies and and and … so much more.

Along came one of Mariana’s classes online. Beautiful!! Flow!! Doors and windows open and I am now six weeks into an amazing new course of learning and enquiry and application!

What I now know is that the energy of the developers and communities that are bringing energy to this amazing technology are some of the futurists that give me real confidence that we are creating differently. These are the people who ask questions where they perceive limitations and really create new possibilities.

Where muscles had started to become atrophied and sleepy… something new is becoming available!”

– Heather C., 6 Month Crypto Trading School Student

We will meet on Zoom for 8 Wednesdays

4/25 - 6/13 from 6-8pm EST

Begins Wednesday, April 25th!

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This course includes a dynamic Facebook support group to answer all your questions, provide extra coverage on the crypto markets and introduce you to fun crypto projects to get involved with!

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