You can learn to invest and trade crypto (and it doesn’t have to be scary!).

I have set out to create something truly different in the investing and trading space. A curriculum that shows people how to invest in crypto intelligently, with a healthy wealth mindset and in a nurturing and joyful way. Yes it’s possible!

The first time I heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was a scam. The second time I heard about Bitcoin, I recognized the world-changing innovation that digital currencies and the Blockchain would bring about. I set out to teach myself anything and everything about it. The technology, the innovations, the applications and how to invest in it and trade it.

After two years in the crypto space, I’ve fallen more and more in love with it. Sure there’s lots of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doub) and definitely a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out), but amidst all this, there is groundbreaking innovations touching nearly every sector of society and that’s what truly excites me. These days I love teaching the ins and outs of this space and coupling it with my trading and investing background. I am passionate that anyone can learn this technology and have fun with it.

A Little About My Geeky Background

I have been having fun with technology since I was a little girl. I taught myself HTML, created my first website and opened an email account when I was 12 years old (it was Hotmail). I went on to found my middle school’s first computer club where I taught girls how to code. Since then, I have reveled in the joy of technology, with varied jobs in tech for over a decade.

Cryptocurrency is my most recent love and I enjoy teaching people from all walks of life how to invest and trade crypto in a sane and fun way.

I send out a semi-regular email with fun crypto tips and joyous investing insights. When I’m not immersed in crypto, I’m a mommy to my 4 month old, wife to my hubby and love designing and taking photographs.

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Here’s to your journey!

Mariana (aka The Trading Mama)

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