The only investing plan that works is…YOU!

For most of our lives we’ve been taught that if we follow the right formula, the right plan or the right person, we’ll be millionaires.

After going down this path for years, Mariana discovered that something was amiss. These million dollar plans don’t work. Why? Because it’s not a one size fits all. These strategies are a one size fits few. They don’t take into account who YOU are. Your unique skills, capabilities, talents and your relationship with money.

You are unique, your investing style is unique and investing should be something that truly enriches your life.

Mariana has set out to create something truly different in the investing and trading space. Curriculums that show people how to invest in a way that creates wealth for now and in the future.  

Mariana has been having fun with technology since she was a little girl. She taught herself HTML, created her first webpage and opened an email account when she was 12 years old (it was Hotmail). She went on to found her middle school’s first computer club where she taught girls how to code. Since then, she has reveled in the joy of technology, with varied jobs in tech for over 10 years.

She has most recently discovered a fondness for cryptocurrency and she now teaches people how to invest and trade cryptocurrency and sends out a semi-regular email with crypto tips and joyous investing insights.